Planned Maintenance System

Britmark provides a team of PMS experts (Engineers and Encoders) to develop a PMS database for Ship Owners who initially implement PMS to their new-building ships as well as to those who wants to switch from one software to another. Britmark's expertise includes full support to the system which will include implementation after database building, monitoring, crew user training, spare parts inventory update, crew information database update and so on. Ship Owners worldwide have been investing a lot of money in maintaining a PMS system within their offices whereas Britmark can provide support with outsourced PMS experts at a lower cost with the same efficiency. In availing of the PMS services, Ship Owners will benefit from the following;

PMS Training:

> The team will provide PMS users training course and SQS familiarization to all officers and crew prior joining the vessel, the database building training will be similar to the      vessel’s actual db thereby obtaining the closest and most efficient training knowledge prior joining.
> The team may also conduct User’s Training and Familiarization Onboard upon request.
> The team will develop a PMS Quick User Guide manual to be given to Trainees and to provide the same to all vessels under the support.
> To conduct Training to all PMS Users on how to update & maintain correct spares inventory on board.

Full PMS Spare parts Inventory:

Implementation Engineer goes onboard to conduct the full spare parts inventories and conducts the following tasks;

> Updating in the PMS System onboard all Spare parts QUANTITIES ON HAND (ROB).
> Tagging & Labelling of Spare parts.
> Arranging of Central Store, Deck Store as per the guidance of Management Team onboard.
> Render weekly progress report to PMS Team Manager.
> Takes full Implementation Report after completion of the inventory task.

Crew Data Base

> With crew database being part of the PMS, the support team will handle update of all crew information including travel documents, licenses and training certificates

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