Share Values and Responsibilities

What we do makes Britmark worthy of trust!

As we journey to achieve our goal of profitable growth and stability, we maintain our continuing focus on the preservation and enhancement of the reputation upon which this company was built.  We observe Britmark’s Shared Values to find solutions to our problem-solving processes direct us in our decision-making processes and enable us to achieve our business objectives.

Respect Our working relationship is based upon trust and respect. Our abilities to team across functional disciplines and geographics values individual differences. Transparency and openness in the way we communicate extend our team spirit to partners and customers, and the communities in which we operate.

Integrity Honesty and ethical conduct is a “must” in all our business dealings. We keep our commitments and admit our mistakes. We inspire confidence among our Principal, investors, associates and service providers to make Britmark’s name worthy of trust.

Customer Focus We are diligent in determining as well as in understanding the needs and expectations of our Principals, Ship Owners and Partners. We anticipate customer behaviour to build an enduring customer relationship. Each associate takes personal ownership on the company’s calling making Britmark a by word for value–add and consistency in the delivery of crewing services that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Excellence At Britmark we work and commit ourselves to excellence in what we do. We work as a team to set and improve our quality standards and sustain our improvement initiatives. We demand creativity and use innovation to propel our services and processes to achieve best-in-class performance and international recognition.

Accountability Success of Britmark services is a personal goal of every associate. Every Britmark associate assumes the role of a responsible steward of the resources entrusted to them, exercising diligence of “a good father of a family.” Profitable growth is a means towards a greater goal to bring new and better solutions, create opportunities for others and maintain the continuing trust of our stakeholders while applying all of our shared values.

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