Our Management Philosophy

We at Britmark Shipping Services deliver unique and competitive value to become the preferred crewing service provider among our Principals and Partners.  To do this, we offer and maintain our services that:

 consistently meet our stakeholder’s expectations;
 consistently meet or exceed the capabilities of competitive offerings; and
 comply with all applicable specifications and standards for the offering.

We train, assess, certify and openly communicate our services and crewing solutions competitive offering capabilities and restrictions in a manner which promotes customer trust and confidence in Britmark Shipping Services, Inc.

We use and improve our Quality Management System to consistently meet the needs of internal and external customers in a timely and complete manner and enable us to resolve quality issues in a manner that builds customer trust and confidence.

We constantly improve our processes by eliminating waste and non-value add activities which detract from delivering timely, reliable and consistent crewing services to our Principals and Partners.

We establish performance standards, provide our people with education and training in quality disciplines so together we can improve our organizational performance and enable each employee to do his or her job right.


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