Message from the Chairman

New and more complex challenges confront the crewing industry
today.  Of these challenges, three crucial developments are
happening as we enter the third millennium.

First, we are witnessing the increasing challenges in global
environmental protection which has provided impetus in the mounting
optimization towards cargo transportation.  In response to these, we
have witnessed how regulatory regimes have paved the way for
international treatises and enhancement of international
conventions advancing cross border regulations impacting ship safety,
human life, marine environment and governance of institutions affecting maritime concerns.

Secondly, we are witnessing the rise of more enlightened provisions in SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW and MLC20006 – all addressing the transcendent issues brought by the first change that has impacted the world of maritime today. And most importantly, the third force of change that has impacted the maritime industry, are the thrusts and priorities – the ever increasing responsibilities and regulations  requiring sea and ship safety among ship owners particularly among flag and port states as well as voluntary industry associations.

Moreover, the steady increase and developments in technology applications in maritime safety, navigation and communication has rendered diversification of shipping operations more competitive and seamless regardless of ones location.  Against these backdrop,   the demand for excellence in crewing services has become the differentiating factor among crew service providers. With ever increasing demand for competent, value-based crews and onboard sense of professionalism, the quest for sustainability in safe ship operations has now anchored on the capability of crewing solutions provider. 

It is in these context that the crewing world is experiencing a “business revolution” with consequences that will dwarf even those of the “Industrial Revolution”.  These forces converge in an era in crewing industry that is driven by crews and officers who are able to demonstrate onboard competence, value-based professionalism, technology proficiency and adherence to performance metrics - virtually changing the way crewing businesses operate and respond to opportunities in any ports of the world.

Truly the “crewing world” that we know has not only shrunk into Alfred Toffler’s “global village”. We are seeing the emergence of borderless crewing, interconnectivity of conventions, maritime regulations and standards, technologies and even economic integration. Elsewhere in the world, where industry alliances, mergers and acquisition has given a new name to the redrawing of economic regions and developing world,  the crewing world is also redrawing the kind of alliances and partnerships between crewing companies and Principals, ship owners and investors. 

With our creative and innovative approaches to recruiting and development of potential officers, sustained targeted selection among high potential crews and ratings, the steady supply of talented and qualified, value-based Filipino crews inspires confidence among Britmark’s Principals, Partners and investors.

 I am convinced that with Britmark crewing solutions, we can forge new heights of alliances and cooperation to raise the bar of excellence in achieving breakthrough innovation and business excellence in creating beneficial changes thousands of seafarers and officers have all been waiting for. These are the changes that could positively impact on peoples’ aspirations to a bright future for all stakeholders in crewing – ship owners, investors, Principals, crewing management and the Filipino crews and officers.

         Britmark Shipping Copyright 2015