Commitment to Service Quality

At Britmark Shipping Services our most critical operating priority is service quality and this applies to everything we do for all our stakeholders – owners, Principals, Partners, Crews and Officers, employees, partner schools, service providers, both external and internal to our company. 

By service quality we refer to meeting not just agreed upon requirements with our Principals or Investors. And over and above meeting agreed upon planned performance targets, we strive to exceed expectations and strive for “customer delight”. By service quality we also refer to meeting the requirements of our partner schools and service providers, including statutory and regulatory requirements pertinent to crewing.

Key vehicles towards this approach are our:

Effective implementation of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System;

Contract Quality Assurance

 Crew Planning Process;

 Targetted Selection Techniques in Crew Selection;

 Crew Engagement Review process;

 Crew Case Handling Management Process;

 Crew Appraisal and Promotion procedure; and

 Performance Management Process;


Continual improvement in every facet of our operations compels us to focus on improving each and every one of our value-added processes and this allows us to achieve excellence in all areas that are important to our Principals, partners and investors and are essential in sustaining our relationship with our clients while meeting crewing services, financial and management goals necessary to keep our business secure.

 Sustained monitoring of Billing and Allotment process;

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Principals and Partners;

 Service Quality Reviews and Audits

 Crew Communication System.

 Britmark CARE System.


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